Get Your Download of No Sweat Fitness

Customize a workout plan for your specific needs. No gym or weights required!

Developed by Tyen Rasif - personal trainer & host of Clicknetwork’s fitness show “No Sweat”, this is the perfect workout companion for beginners, people too busy to workout, or anyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals!

Since hosting “No Sweat”, Tyen has received numerous requests from viewers keen to start working out and taking personal training sessions with her. Unable to take on everyone, Tyen decided to create this app as the next best alternative!

Customised workout programmes

- Based on your individual needs, you’ll receive a personalised workout programme for 1 month, 3 months, or 1 year to help you lose weight, build lean muscle, tone up, or just improve your overall fitness and wellbeing.

- Get access to a huge database of easy-to-follow bodyweight workout videos, which means you can do the exercises anytime, anywhere. No gym or weights required!

Personal progress tracking

- Track your progress by adding photos and notes over the course of your workout programme.

- Submit your progress photos/notes/questions to Tyen for a personalized assessment, and she will personally reply to you.

App exclusive content

- Tyen personally updates the No Sweat app with fitness tips, food recipes, meal plans, interesting articles, trends, videos and much more!

Stay motivated

- Receive weekly messages from Tyen to keep you motivated.

Try it for free!

The No Sweat app is free to download. Upon downloading, you will receive instant access to a 7-day trial workout programme. Unlocking longer workout programmes and access to exclusive members-only features require a paid subscription.

EXCLUSIVE MEMBERS-ONLY FEATURES 1 MONTH (4 weeks) 3 MONTHS (12 weeks) 1 YEAR (52 weeks)
Monthly price SGD19.98/month
SGD9.98 SGD8.25/month
SGD118.98 SGD98.98
Customised workout programme
Livestream chats with Tyen
Livestream workout sessions with Tyen
Submit your progress photos and questions to Tyen for personal assessments Once Twice 4 Times
Invitations to exclusive meetups
FREE set of No Sweat Resistance Bands worth SGD19.90 (For subscribers in Singapore only as item has to be self-collected. Delivery is available too, but additional postage fees will apply.)